Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Renovations to a bedroom

So I have taken on a task all my own. I have decided to paint our spare room and get it ready for our future next child. This has been a task let me tell you! First the hideous green that is on the walls took 2 coats of primer to cover. Then as I was painting the final wall the chair I was using broke! so now I can't finish that wall. UGH. But the room is primed (with exception of that top part of that one wall) and tape is up for the stripe! I will keep pictures posted as I go along :) It going to look so cool!

4th of July

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. I know we did. I had to work until 1:30 but when we got off we headed up to my mom and dads for the night. We had some wonderful hamburgers, and hot dogs. We then packed up and headed out to the farm where we had TONS of fireworks and popped half a lot. Come to find out there's still a ton we didn't shoot off. Jeff and Dad shot off a lot of Black Cats in the grain bins, metal pipes anything to make it louder. Kobe thought it was really cool. He loved the loud ones the best. I don't have pictures just yet because I forgot my camera and mom is supposed to be sending them to me. Hope the get here soon. Well anyway hope everyone has a great week!