Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Birthday KOBE!!

Today my big boy turns 4! Its so hard to believe he's already 4 years old. How time flies its just so unfair to us mommies :) lol. Below are some pictures from this previous weekend. We went out to my parents farm and had a wienie roast with my sister and her family. We had a blast, we rode 4-wheelers, played soccer, as I said did the wienie roast and even has some smore's. Good times!

All 4 grandsons
Keaton 1 month, Kobe 4 yrs, Aaron 6 yrs, and Hayden 4 yrs

Kobe playing soccer

Kobe and Daddy playing soccer

Everyone going for a ride

Wienie roast

Keaton's first time at the farm

Kobe with Hayden's helmet on

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

our photo shoot

Today I did my own little photo shoot. Its too expensive to go to the photographer so I decided to do my own :) Here is my outcome.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

picture update of Keaton

Right before we left the hospital :)


My sweet baby boy sleepin :)

Keaton sleepin in his temporary bed in our room.

Keaton's first bath at home!

I owe this nurse my life, she was keaton's nurse in the ICU when everything went wrong that saturday morning. I strongly believe she's the reason my son is alive today. She saved his life! She is the best nurse I've ever met. Very sweet lady!

First Week Home With Keaton

This has been our first week home since Keaton has been released from the hospital. When we got home Sunday Jeff and Kobe were here and they greeted us at the door. Kobe was very excited to see us home finally, he was so sweet with Keaton he immediately reached out and gently touched his hand and talked to him. This week has been very busy with dr's appointments and other appointments. Just trying to get everything squared away. Kobe has done amazing with Keaton, he is very protective of him. At the dr's appointment yesterday Keaton was VERY upset and was screaming and Kobe heard him from the waiting room and he was running around trying to see him and trying to get to him cause he was crying. He was VERY concerned. Every time Keaton sqeeks or wakes up or does anything Kobe is constantly telling me whats he doing even though I'm right there with him. Its so cute! He's such a great big brother!

This week also on monday I learned some very saddening news, a dear friend of mine from high school's little brother was electrocuted. A co-worker performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived and they had to shock him 3 times on the way to OKC. He's steadily improving! He's a fighter he's the type if someone tells him you can't do that, he's going to prove them wrong. The dr's said the other day he probably won't come out of his coma, today's news they are telling us that he has opened his eyes and are following the nurses around the room with his eyes. Also when the nurses tell him to squeeze their hands or wiggle his toes he does. He's an amazing man and a true fighter, he's going to prove those dr's wrong. Please pray for his recovery!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We're Home

Well as of Sunday around 4 PM our family is finally together again :) They released Keaton Sunday morning, he was doing such a good job eating the decided it would be ok to send us home! I couldn't be happier! Everything is going great, Keaton had his first appointment today with his pediatrician and everything is good, he's gained 2 more ounces since we've been home, she'd like to see him gaining more but its a start. He's almost 3 weeks old but has only been eating for less than a week so he has some catching up to do :) Thank you everyone for the prayers, cards, and words of encouragement we really appreciate everything!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Keaton Dixon Brown

Well I know I promised I would update everyone soon about Keaton's arrival, well its been a really long 2 weeks!! Keaton was born at 7:49 AM on March 25th. About 11 AM the head nurse from the nursey came into my room to tell me that they were going to mediflight Keaton to OU Childrens Hospital because he was requiring more oxygen than they were allowed to provide him. They were only able to give him 50% oxygen. Jeff and his dad rushed down to OKC that night to be with Keaton and make sure everything was ok. Jeff came back again on Friday and stayed all day. I was released from the hospital early on Saturday, I wasn't supposed to be released until Sunday or Monday, because of Keaton being in OKC they decided to be nice and gave me stipulations that I had to follow. :) I was going to wait until Monday to come to OKC that way I could spend some time with Kobe before I left but I called Childrens hospital when I got home to check on Keaton and see how he was doing, and the dr informed me that had put him on a ventilator. I freaked out and my mom and I made a flying trip to OKC.
When we got here there was a team of dr's and nurses around his bed working on him, the Nurse Practioner sat me down and started explaining everything to me. Everything she said to me was a fog! I didn't understand a thing of it. Over time I started to understand. Basically about 4am on that saturday he'd gotten really mad, and started to have a hard time oxygenating his own blood, they quickly realized that the blood in his body was going the wrong way. Which was foreign to me, but what it means is when babies are in the womb their blood goes from the heart to the stomach, it bypasses the lungs. Because I oxygenated his blood for him. Well since he wasn't inside anymore it made him VERY VERY sick. so they put him on the ventilator and he did ok. They had to heavily sedate him so he wouldn't pull stuff out and that way he could rest as well.
On Tuesday they had to put him on whats called Inhaled Nitrious Oxide or INO as they called it, and that helped him relax even more so that the spot in his heart where the blood went the opposite way could close up. On this past sunday he came off the INO and Tuesday Morning he came off the oxygen. On Monday Night he started to eat from a bottle! He has to eat atleast 2 oz of milk and maintain his weight before we can go home. He is at 55 cc's of milk and has eat 60 consistantly. So we are almost there. Hopefully we'll be going home by early next week. The dr said yesterday she didn't see us here for more than another week! So please continue praying that we come home soon! :)