Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yesterday was such a happy day. Everyone was so excited a new baby was going to be born. Yesterday proud Aunt Micah couldn't do anything but talk about how excited she was to meet little Charleigh Marie. Yesterday at 12:28PM little Charleigh Marie was born. Soon after birth she started showing signs of distress and was having respiratory problems. I woke up this morning to check her facebook to see how miss Charleigh was doing only time find news that she had passed away during the night. Please pray for Amy Voss (mother) Randy Voss (father) Ashton and Layla (siblings).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

whats up

Hey everyone I know its been a while since I've written anything. Everything is going really good here. Keaton has been teething still which has been a nightmare lol. He doesn't sleep through the night anymore, he usually wakes up around 3 and 5. I will usually go down there give him his pacifier and he'll go back to sleep no problem. He has rolled over from his belly to his back pretty good for a while now but just a couple days ago he has finally been able to roll from his back to his tummy. Makes him mad though cause he doesn't like to be on his tummy. I just laugh at him cause its funny.
he likes to roll over in his chair now too

Kobe has been going to a Vacation Bible School at the local Garland Road Baptist Church this week. I did a hair cut on the pastor a few weeks ago and my manager of the salon I work at attends that church. Its a small small church. Only about 100 members which is what I've been looking for. I prefer Methodist because thats what I grew up going to but Baptist isn't much different. Anywho Kobe's been loving bible school I think he'll be sad to see it end, but I think he and I will be starting to attend regularly so that will be good for him.

So I know I haven't talked about weight loss in a while because I've been stuck at 305 :( but I weighed myself today and I lost a pound finally lol. We joined the YMCA today as well and I worked out after I signed up and man that kicked my rear lol.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rolling Over

So last night we were all in the living room, Kobe was asleep on the couch and Keaton was laying on the floor playing. I usually try to do several times a day where he lays on his tummy but he hates it SOO much! Welp guess he found a solution to his problem. haha

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Alright so I don't usually do the whole pity party thing but I'm going to right now so I'll apologize in advance.

I weighed myself this morning for the first time this week and it still is saying 305. I've been at 305 for a while now and I'm just down about it. I know I'm finally down a size in my pants but I don't know. My first goal weight is 300 and its just taunting me! Laughing at me in the face and I don't know I'm just irritated I guess. I have a few friends that also did the same thing as me and dropped the weight FAST. I know its not good to lose it fast but I'd like to lose at least SOME! You'd think even on the pills I'm on from the dr I'd drop something but nope! Yeah when I was aloud to get back on them I dropped like 7 pounds out of nowhere. I have a check up with him August 11th. Please pray I lose more than 3 dang pounds by the time I see him cause thats all I've lost since I saw him a month ago this coming Friday. I'm sorry to drag anyone down but I had to talk about it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cutting Teeth

So I completely forgot how much cutting teeth SUCKED until this week. I went to the salon on Tuesday with the boys, who I might say were exceptionally good that day, and the girl that was doing my hair said is he cutting teeth. I laughed and said NO! he's too young. She laughs back and said no Lindsey he's cutting teeth, I feel and sure enough he has one that broke the surface already. I knew he'd been drooling and stuff A LOT lately but heh I really didn't think he was teething he's only 15 weeks old, he's not even 4 months yet! NOOOO How can this BE! my baby has teeth already.

Well to tell you I should have never said the words, "WHO KNEW HE'S BEEN SO GOOD! NEVER CRANKY!" I cursed myself! Poke me in the eye for saying it! Sheesh he's been SO cranky now :( Poor guy just eats on his hands. He won't take those teething toys that you put in the freezer he freaks out on me when I put them in his mouth. So the paci has been his "chew toy" lol

Another FREAK OUT moment for me is he's eating so good with the spoon. Again he's only 15 weeks! He's been eating oatmeal with apple juice for the past week. I tried it for the first time last Sunday the 4th. Tonight I introduced him to BANANA!!! doom doom doom! lol at first he didn't like them too much but obviously something changed his mind cause he ate the whole 2.5 oz jar! I know he's a chunk. I can just hear it in his head. "Hey lady I'm big kid I need my food!" lol

Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Been a while

I know its been a good minute since I've posted anything new on here. But I've been a little bit busy the past 2 weeks. Not to mention I fell off the weight loss wagon for a little bit. But I'm back on and I'm happy to announce I'm back down to 305 and down one dress size. I bought a size 20 and 22 size jeans a few months ago, the 20 is my first goal size, they were cheap so I decided to buy them to have something to target for. I tried on the 22's yesterday and HOLY COW they fit!!! SWEET!! I was a size 26 before I got pregnant with Keaton. I have been doing a lot more walking/running the past week and it feels great. I did my workout video yesterday and I'm feeling it today, not near as bad as before but it still hurts. :)

So our 4th of July got rained out so we really didn't get to shoot off any fireworks which was very upsetting because my dad had gone to a huge firework warehouse in Missouri and bought a bunch of stuff. We will shoot those off soon I will make sure of it :) haha. So instead of going out my parents farm like we usually do we stayed at my mom and dad's and did sparklers and snakes and some rose things that buzz and stay on the ground. OH and some parachute thing, that was a lot louder than we thought it would be. WHOOPS oh well no cops showed up. We were having fun all evening letting the kids do whatever. The boys were using up the last of the sparklers and suddenly Hayden, my nephew, starts screaming, part of his sparkler broke off and landed on his foot, burned it pretty bad. At first we thought it was 3rd degree but my sister, who's a nurse, said its just a bad 1st degree burn it looked a lot better the next day. So glad for that.
Other than that not much else is going on. Been working with Kobe on counting higher and his ABC's still. He was doing really good before we had Keaton then after all that it had been a while so its been a battle getting going again. But he's doing really good, I think he's smarter than he wants us to see cause he will count perfect the first time then he plays dumb and likes to make mommy mad. Keaton's growing up so fast! He talks and laughs a lot now. I started him on cereal/oatmeal on Sunday and he did really good! I was shocked. Usually the first time they just spit it out and it takes a while to get it. Nope not this monster, yesterday I fed it to him again and he ate all of it, which was only a tablespoon but thats still a good amount for him.
So I leave you with a quote from Lee Iacocca
You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough I can have it. It's called perseverance.

Have a great week everyone!!!