Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Keaton Dixon

Well we had a doctor's appointment early this morning and everything looks good. Our doctor does an ultrasound every visit just to watch growth and such, well he measured the head and yup its where its always been, big, which is a Moore Family Trait so no big deal. He measures the belly and says hmm this is a big kid, so he measures his belly again and yup still going to be big. He sounds shocked which I just laughed at him about cause he knew he was going to be big. So he goes back to measure the head again and hmm yup definately going to be a big guy. At this point I'm like just stop lol. So he measures the legs to get a full measurement and he ultrasound machine is guessing his weight to be 8lbs 8oz. YIKES! But that could be wrong cause as you get closer to your due date the less accurate those can be. SO! He asks me what I'm doing tomorrow and I looked at him smiled and said, "Having a baby?" He laughed at me and said YUP!! So we are scheduled to go in for a repeat c-section at 7:30 AM that is if an emergency c-section doesn't bump us. We have to be there at 5:30 AM to get me prepped and everything. I will post stories and pictures after I return home. Please say a prayer for us tonight and tomorrow that everything works out ok and baby is healthy. Everyone have a wonderful rest of the week and a even better weeekend!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 30th

Saw the Dr again yesterday for my 36 week appointment. I know last week's appointment there was some concern from him whether the baby was getting too big and this week he did another ultrasound and he's weighting approximately 6 lbs 11 oz which he said is ok. Had he gone over 7 lbs we would be taking him this week. But the Dr is going to allow me to go until the 30th which is exactly 2 weeks early. I'm so relieved. I was stressin hardcore about taking the baby an extra week early. I'm sad cause now I have to wait another week but thats ok cause thats what Keaton needs. Everyone have a great weekend and I'll update more as I know more :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Children

I was asked the other day how I came up with the names we have chosen for our children. Well its simple my dear Watson :) lol

First I'll share a small story. When Jeff and I were dating and had decided we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, I started thinking about our future children. Well Jeff name is Jeff David Brown III and I'm Lindsey Denise Brown. We have the same middle initial. So at that point I new our children would also have a D middle name just to keep the trend going. Then looking at it we are J..-...L we needed a K so back then I decided our first child would be a K and second child would be an M so we would be J,K,L,M haha I know I'm weird like that. Jeff had decided he didn't want to continue the family name because technically it stopped with him. thats a whole nother story. Basically he's Jeff David but his dad is Jeff Davis don't I'm not sure how that happened. So that brings us to our first child:

When we got pregnant with Kobe I immediately started looking in my baby name book at names to name our child. We chose a boy's name and a girl's name because we didn't know what we were having yet. As I was flipping through the K's naming off names I liked, Jeff didn't like any of them. Finally I got to Kobe and he went hmm yeah maybe, so I wrote it down and I tell you that was the ONLY name he and I could agree on. There isn't any meaning behind his name at all, just that we both like it. I liked Dillion which is conventionally spelled Dillon. I know this because the birth certificate lady at the hospital called my room a few days after he was born to inform me that we had spelled his name wrong. Oh boy she better be glad Jeff answered the phone cause I was HOT! lol So this brings us to our second and last child:


birthday unknown yet :)

With baby #2 I started looking through the baby name book again to find a first name. I had already decided back when I was in my first trimester, at my great uncle's funeral, that I would make the baby's middle name Dixon. This is a family name sort of. My grandmother's maiden name is Dixon. She was a HUGE inspiration to and is my guiding light. I also have a cousin named Michael Dixon and Michael was the only name I liked in the M's so I definitely could not name him exactly after my cousin. :) I'm sure he would have loved it though. So I was flipping through the K's and just fell in LOVE with Keaton again there's no meaning behind it, its just Keaton but the Dixon is a huge part of my life! and I'm proud to carry on that name for my family.

So that is where my children received their names, nothing special but are everything to me :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Brown

I went to see the dr yesterday for another check-up on the baby. Everything is looking good, we do an ultrasound every visit to check on the baby's weight gain and to make sure he's growing properly. The dr informed me that he is weighting 6 lbs 2 oz you think thats great right? Well not so much :) haha. The reason its not so good is because 2 weeks ago he only weights 4 lbs 9 oz and so that means he gained a whopping 1 1/2 pounds in 2 weeks time. Usually at this point they are only gaining about 1/2 a pound a week. So the dr is now concerned that we have 3 weeks left and the baby will get too big. He says anything over 8lbs makes it hard to deliver. I will be having a repeat c-section. So more than likely we will be delivery baby brown about a week and half early possibly. We go back again on the 17th for another check up and to check his weight and if he's over 7 lbs 5 oz he will be taking him within the week. So please keep baby brown in your prayers that everything will work out ok and that he won't have any breathing issues as his brother did. I will keep everyone updated as I know more next week. As for now I'm trying to finish up with sanitizing bottles and packing bags for everyone. I wish I had my nesting energy that I had last week do all this. I'm just not motivated AT ALL! Thanks again!