Thursday, February 25, 2010

33 weeks pregnant

Well as of Tuesday I am 33 weeks pregnant. I'm to the point I'm starting to get uncomfortable. :) lol but everything seems to still be going good. Went to the dr on Monday and the baby is weighting about 4 lbs 9 oz. My guess and calculations he'll weight about 7lbs 2oz when born. I'm actually thinking a bit more because he is tending to have a bit large head, family trait fabulous! My blood pressure is starting to rise a little now. I tested it Thursday the 18th and it was 128/80 when I went into the dr on Monday it was 140/82 so its slowing climbing up. The dr told me he's going to look at it as its holding steady lol. Well I hope to holds steady for another 4 weeks.

Kobe is doing good. His newest thing lately is "where'd you get that" anytime he talks about anything he found. He'll bring a toy in and ask where we got that for him at lol. He's funny. He finally is understanding about Keaton and that there's a baby in my belly. He's understood that for a while now but now I'm trying to get him to understand that Keaton will eventually come home to live with us. That I will go to the dr and he'll take Keaton out of my belly. He's not getting that part yet. lol He's so funny he likes to talk to my belly and he'll ask me if Keaton is sleeping or awake, if I say he asleep he'll come up to my belly with his hands at his mouth to magnify his voice and yell into my belly, "WAKE UP KEATON" lol I just laugh. So anyway that's whats going on this week at the Brown Household. Ready to have this little guy but we'll wait as long as we have to. Everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well as of today I am 31 weeks pregnant and only have 7 weeks until we are to go in for a scheduled c-section. I went into the dr on Jan 22nd and he was concerned about some contractions I'd been having so we decided we are now coming in every 2 weeks to keep check on things. In that appointment we decided that the baby's birthday is going to be March 30th. I went back on Feb 5th for another check up. Everything is looking great. Baby is growing good, approximate weight right now is about 3lbs 10oz. When the dr was doing the ultrasound I asked, just jokingly, to look and see if it still a boy because of what happened with Kobe. (went 37 weeks thinking he was girl to find out on week 37 she was a he!) He looked and was like well I think thats a scrotum and then we was like well....i don' t know. Never saw anything that said definately one way or the other. YIKES oh well it will all be ok! I told him I guess I'll go buy one pink outfit just in case and he said tell ya what I'll buy you a pink outfit lol. I go back on Feb 22nd so I'll have him look again then :)
Last week it snowed A LOT up here. We got about 10 inches of snow, they were talking about quite a bit of ice and we weren't sure if we were going to get hit by the ice or not so I decideded to go ride out the storm at my parents house since they have a fireplace if they did lose power. We only got snow which is ok, Kobe got to go sledding with his Nana and he had such a good time! But thats whats been going on in our neck of the woods lately. Hope everyone has a great week!

Kobe and Nana sledding