Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pictures of the boys

Alright I know I've slacked in posting new pictures of even updating on how we are doing lately. I've been so busy with working out, working, keeping up with the family and keeping my house clean that I just forget to be honest.

Well everything has been crazy around here. Kobe started Pre-K on Wednesday the 25th and he really seems to love it. I thought that we both would cry, we being Kobe and I but Kobe did amazing and I didn't shed one tear. Of course Kobe not crying helped out. Today I hollered at him to come back so I could hug him and he told me NO! lol My little man has grown up! He has made a friend and his name is Ty, he seems to really like this little guy. Tomorrow will be his first day eating lunch at school. Pray that goes well cause if its something he doesn't care for it's a battle at home, so if he doesn't eat at school he goes all afternoon without. Guess he'll learn huh.

Keaton is doing really good as well. He finally cut that second tooth! THANK GOD! that was murder on everyone lol. He's sitting up on his own now. Only for a few seconds he doesn't do it continuously yet. But we're working on it. His hair is starting to come back in finally from where he had eczema and its coming back in REALLY red! I laughed today cause Jeff and I went to eat at the Chinese restaurant and our little waitress lady asked Jeff if Keaton was his baby lol. No we just swiped him off the street corner! lol I know I know he looks NOTHING like Jeff he looks all like me but wow. HAHA Too funny.

Anywho not much more going on here. Just work play and more work :) haha Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys this gorgeous weather!!

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