Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly weight in #2

I actually had a dr's appointment today, convenient enough. He is monitoring my weight loss. I weighed in today with him at still exactly 300 pounds. I have not lost anything this week because I indulged twice this week :( I know shame shame. My husband went and got me Chili's one night and another night we had Sonic. :( BIG SHAME i know lol. But thats ok I've still been kicking my own butt at the gym. As I will tonight doing my Zumba :) I LOVE that class. The instructor on Tuesdays and Thursdays is a MONSTER!! she is something else I tell you. We burn around 500-600 calories a night! I know crazy.
I put on my size 20 blue jeans which are my first goal jeans I bought cheap a few months ago and I was able to button and zip them but WOW they were tight lol. But hey they got on without tearing a seam lol. I'm close!!!

~My Goal~
Starting weight, when I delivered Keaton - 349lbs
Current Weight - 300lbs
Weight loss goal - 250lbs
pounds left to meet goal - 50lbs


  1. Maintaining is definitely better than gaining! Keep up the good work, that weight will come off eventually. :) And hey, you've got to treat yourself once in a while!

  2. It's always good to know what you've done wrong. But, no gain is always good news! Keep us posted, I'm cheering for you!!

  3. Zumba sounds like a killer! I want to try it sometime :)
    Keep up that and you will reach your goal in no time!